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aim at, antiaircraft barrage, bang, bark, barrage, bash, bat, beating, beheading, belt, biff, blast, blitz, blow, bombard, bombardment, bonk, bowshot, box barrage, broadside, bullet, burning, burst, cannon, cannonade, cannonry, capital punishment, chop, clip, clout, clump, commence firing, crack, creeping barrage, crucifixion, cut, dash, decapitation, decollation, defenestration, detonation, dig, dint, discharge, drub, drubbing, drumfire, drumming, ejection, electrocution, emergency barrage, enfilade, execution, explosion, fire a volley, fire at, fire upon, fulmination, garrote, gassing, gun, gunfire, gunshot, hanging, hemlock, hit, jab, judicial murder, knock, lapidation, lick, mortar, mortar barrage, necktie party, normal barrage, open fire, open up on, pelt, pepper, plunk, poisoning, poke, pop, pop at, potshot, pound, punch, rake, rap, salvo, shell, shoot, shoot at, shooting, shot, slam, slog, slug, smack, smash, snipe, snipe at, sock, spray, standing barrage, stoneshot, stoning, strafe, strangling, strangulation, stroke, swat, swing, swipe, take aim at, tattoo, the ax, the block, the chair, the gallows, the gas chamber, the guillotine, the hot seat, the rope, thump, thwack, torpedo, volley, whack, whop, yerk, zero in on

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • fusillade — [fyo͞o′sə läd΄, fyoo′səlād΄; fyoo′zəläd, fyoo′zəlād] n. [Fr < fusiller, to shoot < fusil: see FUSIL2] 1. a simultaneous or rapid and continuous discharge of many firearms 2. something like this [a fusillade of questions] vt. fusilladed,… …   English World dictionary

  • Fusillade — Fu sil*lade , n. [F. fusillade, cf. It. fucilata. See {Fusil} a firelock.] (Mil.) A simultaneous discharge of firearms. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • fusillade — simultaneous discharge of firearms, 1801, from Fr. fusillade, from fusiller to shoot, from fusil musket (see FUSILIER (Cf. fusilier)). As a verb from 1816 …   Etymology dictionary

  • Fusillade — Fu sil*lade , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Fusillader}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Fusillading}.] To shoot down of shoot at by a simultaneous discharge of firearms. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • fusillade — noun Etymology: French, from fusiller to shoot, from fusil Date: 1801 1. a. a number of shots fired simultaneously or in rapid succession b. something that gives the effect of a fusillade < a fusillade of rocks and bottles > 2. a spirited… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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